let's start...
the journey!

Yogini travels! Leave the everyday behind, fuel up with new energy & strength.

Join Yogini Nomads, pack your mat & bags and off we go!

Focus on YOU! Yogini Nomads brings you and your practice to beautiful, unique and happy places where you can just be and forget the everyday stuff. Enjoy the quiet, the nature, relax and practice Yoga in a wonderful, joyful atmosphere.

Give yourself the gift of time. You are totally free to decide in the 'here and now'.

Practice Yoga under the blue skies, in the nature. Give your soul and your body what they need. Daily yoga classes incorporate classic Vinyasa/Hata Yoga, Meditation and Breathing.

Besides Yoga, enjoy a great time in the outdoors, the beauty of the moment, great food, laughter and quiet time. In the group, by yourself, with partner or friends. It's up to you and what soothes your body and mind.

Yoginis & Yogis of course can bring partners & friends that don't do Yoga. Since Yogini Nomads picks special places, there's plenty of activities to choose from.

Roll up your mat, join us on the journey & ‚Go with the Flow‘ - That's Yogini Nomads!

Locations are under constant exploration & planning. Please share your thoughts, specific wishes or individual requests with us. We listen!

Thoughts, questions & infos: nomads@yogini.ch

Upcoming Retreats:


Under the Tuscan sun retreat – 2023 date coming soon

Vienna Yoga & Arts Workshop

Vienna Yoga & Arts Workshop – 2023

Zanzibar Yoga Safari

Villa Zanzibar – June 2023