Beginners, advanced and experienced yogis and yoginis - welcome to Yogini.

You will enjoy a personal, dedicated and to your individual needs tailored yoga practice.

At Yogini, your yoga practice is fun and supports your well-being,  your physical and mental strength. We work with you on your personal goals to make sure your yoga practice is of best use of your precious time on the mat. You are our priority!

Online Classes via Zoom in any time zone available.

All classes in English or German available.

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Group Yoga Classes

Yoga practice in a group with friends, co-workers, and new friends is a lot of fun and energizing. Sweating, laughing, meditating - let's roll out our mats and have a great yoga time!

Yogini offers all types of yoga and handles the complete organisation of your class.

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Private Yoga - Individual Class

The Yogini Private Yoga is an individual one-on-one class that is tailormade to your goals, needs and your capabilities.

Beginners that are brand new to yoga will enjoy a great introduction. Those practitioners that love the quiet and private atmosphere will highly enjoy the focused class. As duo or solo.

First, we evaluate your goals. Where it needs more attention and where you can physically move into. Your private yoga is then tailormade to your needs.

Private Yoga is also a great offer to athletes as a great addition in their training plan to help support specific goals.

Private Yoga can be booked solo or as a duo.

Yogini’s Private Yoga is YOUR Yoga – tailormade to you, your location, goal, time and needs. Here in the St. Gall Rheintal, Lake Konstanz region, Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg or wherever you decide to practice.


Yogini's pricing is based on where you want to practice. We will be there and take care of the organisation.

Please contact us with your questions anytime! We are here for you!


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